• What material is used to make the replica figurine?

The material used is polymer clay, which is sculpted and baked to get the desired result. It is a durable type of clay that does not get damaged easily on minor impacts and falls. This quality of the clay helps in making the cherishable artwork long lasting. I prefer polymer clay, as it gives me the ability to offer high level of detailing in my replica dolls besides its durability.

The internal structure is comprised of wires and aluminium foil to give skeletal form to the figurine. I offer my figurines with a wooden base which adds to the elegance of the final artwork.


  • How big are the figurines?

Please check the pricing section for a visual size description as it varies as per the product. 

  • Realistic Figurines – Approximately 8 inches
  • Caricature Figurines – Approximately 6 inches
  • Semi 3D Face in Box Frame – Approximately 6 in. X 6 in.


  • How long does it take to get a custom figurine made?

All my figurines are completely handmade, coupled with the challenge of getting a good degree of resemblance.

Realistic – Single takes 14-20 days and couple takes around 25 -30 days

Caricature – Single takes approximately 10 days and couple takes around 15 days

3D Face Frame – Single takes around 15 days and couple takes around 20-25 days.

The delivery time also includes the transit time during shipping. For Indian cities mostly the shipping time is 3-5 days.

The timeframe will also take into account my ongoing work. So, to avoid disappointments please check for availability and book your slots well in advance.

  • What is the process for placing the order? 

Please send me your requirements via email-aurafigurines@gmail.com or WhatsApp- 9819192829. The steps are as follows:

– Firstly I would like to discuss the requirements and whether I would be in a position to meet your requests in the desired time.

– An order stands confirmed on payment of 50% amount in advance.

– The specifications of the order will be discussed and I will need good resolution pictures from you.

Picture Requirements-

I do understand that sometimes the order is placed as a surprise and getting the pictures in the above format will be difficult. In such cases you can send me whatever pictures you can manage. However, a good resolution front picture of face is mandatory as without it, I will not be able to do justice to the miniature replica.

I will be sharing the work pics and any improvements to be made can be discussed to get better results.

After client satisfaction, the balance amount and shipping charges are to be paid prior to delivery.

The custom replica will be shipped to the desired location.

  • Will the realistic figurine look exactly like me?

Sorry I do not try to compete with God’s own creation! The figurine will not be precisely like you or your loved one but I try to give a high degree of resemblance (80% and above) in a miniature to match the original masterpiece.



  • Will the order reach me safely?

I ensure good level of packaging to ensure safe delivery to the final destination. Also as mentioned above polymer clay is a durable type of clay to handle minor impacts.

However, in rare cases, if the handling during transit causes any damage, we can discuss the issue for resolution and I would love to help you out.


  • How do I care for my replica figurine?

Please keep the figurines away from direct heat and sunlight which can affect the colours and the look with time.

To protect from dust, a display case with glass or acrylic cover would be good for the figurines. For exposed figurines you can use a soft paint brush to clean the dust.